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  • SVL-500E Europe Wood Made violin
  • Item #:SVL-500EA
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  • The #500E- violins are one of our top grade instruments and are carefully handcrafted by our most experienced makers, using the best possible seasoned European tonewood selected from our large timber stock. The instruments are based on particular classical Cremonese examples - either the 1742 "II Cannone" of Guarneri del Gesu (SVL500GC), or the 1733 "Kreisler" by Antonio Stradivari (SVL500SK).  Particular attention is paid to the graduation of the plates and these violins produce a very powerful and rich tone making them an ideal solo instrument. They are coated with a traditional, cooked oil varnish made personally in small batches and finished in an antiqued style that may vary in appearance slightly from one instrument to the next.

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